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Wall Climb

The following information can also be found on the APDR Website. http://www.apdrdogs.com/



Climbing Board/Wall : A minimum of 3 feet wide by 16 feet tall; 4ft by 16 ft suggested, 13 feet of the board surface is to  be covered with at least 1/8″ thick rubber flooring, foam tile or short pile carpet and must start from the bottom of board.

Safety measures:  The Hosting Club is to have anti fall equipment for the dogs that is to be inspected and authorized by the Judge prior to the show. Under no circumstances will people be allowed to catch the dogs as a primary measure. The handler and an assistant will be allowed in front of the board during his turn in the competition to prevent the fall of the dog only as secondary safety measure.

Bait/Bite pillow: To be provided by competitor. Bite pillow is to be eight (8) to twelve (12) inches of biting surface with removable adhesion like Velcro.

Break Stick: To be provided by competitor to facilitate the release of its grip on bait/bite pillow if needed.

Safety harness:  Harness (provided by competitor) will be attached to the safety harness.

The handler and one (1) assistant will only be allowed in front of the board when competing.
The handler and his dog will abide by the Safety rules implemented by the organizing club of the event to avoid accidental falls and be able to compete.
All dogs competing must wear a safety harness which will be attached to an anti fall safety line to perform his task.
Due to health/safety reasons it is mandatory to have your own official bite toy/pillow, break stick and harness which will be inspected by the Judge and authorized for use during a competition.
Teams are allowed three 3 fouls being eliminated on the fourth (4) foul at the given height.
The Judge’s discretion is final for inappropriate behavior or violation of rules. If a warning is given it is a courtesy but not mandatory.